Past collaborations of Christa Jerôme:

Christa Jerome, aka La Jerome, worked with Khadja Nin, Manou Gallo, Philippe Lafontaine, Joshua, 1060, and many others. Far from locking herself in a musical style, she has participated in hip-hop projects (with Starflam), funk, soul (with Mongoose) and pop rock (with Hooverphonic). This last collaboration resulted from his meeting with Alex Callier, the leader of Hooverphonic.

It is impossible to talk about her career without mentioning her work on three albums of the jazz legend Marc Moulin. In 2001, he spotted it in the TV Show « For Glory » broadcast on the RTBF and fell under the charm of his voice. While she was only 24 years old, he offered to release an album with him as a singer-singer. Without exactly knowing what it meant, the one that was still called Veronica accepted.